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267-69, Gongdan-dong, Gumi Si, Gyeongsangbuk-Do
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Jang won pyo
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Mijin Cosmetics, as an OEM/ODM professional company producing mask packs, has developed to a company with a vision of establishing a new trend, brand and the best service. Mijin Cosmetics has built its reputation through the endless interest of customers who patronize the product. Mijin Cosmetics would like to take a step forward with its vision and mission of incorporating the customers’ life, dreams and values into each brand and product. In addition, Mijin Cosmetics will make a new change and will take on the challenge of going global with their marketing so it can be enjoyed not just by the domestic market but also the overseas market. We will become a clean and healthy company which creates value, and a brand that can give beauty and happiness to customers all the time. We repeatedly would like to ask your consistent love and attention to the various challenges and changes we make. We will promise to do our best to become a company that always looks at things from the customers’ perspective.
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   Company Name: MIJIN COSMETICS
   Contact Person: Jang won pyo  
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   Address: 267-69, Gongdan-dong, Gumi Si, Gyeongsangbuk-Do, Korea
   Telephone: 82-54-4618081

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